Monday, March 1, 2010

What do the Muppets & AMCSI Have In Common?

They both want you to join them in Lake Buena Vista, Florida this August!!

Why did the chicken cross the web? To find out, click 'Play'

Are you an AMC Family?
Are you attending AMCSI's 2010 Florida AMC Support Convention?
If you answered, "Yes", then click here:द्प्फ़्य१०क़२मुप्पेत्स्गद्गद१००१ to learn how you can earn a free ticket to a Walt Disney World® Park!

Learn more about participation in Disney's Give A Day Get A Day Program:

For up-to-the-date information on AMCSI's 2010 Florida AMC Support Convention in Lake Buena Vista Florida August 4-8th, 2010, email: